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Posted: November 2, 2015
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Inserting Carriage return in XML file


We are integrating with a legacy application running in a windows server, it has a XML processor but the issue is it can accept and process an XML file only if it is in specific format. the Format is every tag should be in a new Line. We Formatted the same in the XML stream rule while generating the file. we opened the generated XML file in NOTEPAD++, it was displaying everything in new line.

but, our Pega instance is in LINUX server. In Linux the new line is /n, but the consuming system is in Windows where the new line is /r/n. We have to insert somehow forcibly inside the generated XML the /r/n, so that the Windows system can recognize our XML input file.

to test whether the generated XML file has proper /r/n, we are opening the same in NOTEPAD. because NOTEPAD can recognize only /r/n.

Can someone please suggest something ?



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