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Installing and Configuring Google DialogFlow with Web ChatBot

Hello All,

This link  have the steps  which helped me out to create an Agent in DialogFlow. 

Now to connect the agent with Pega the unique client access token and developer access token we need are generated for the Dialogflow agent in the console. As mentioned in the link above Pega we have to select the API version v1 but I am unable to see the option to select the API version in DialogFlow Agent which i am supposed to.


PFA the screens with details below.

Screen-1: The API details I am supposed to see to use these tokens in pega.

Screen1-a: Modal where I can use these details provided by Screen-1.

Screen-2. What I am seeing in the DialogFlow Agent screen.


If someone have implemented the same, can you help me out to get these access tokens so that I can connect Pega application to the DialogFlow Component. If not, is there any other way i can connect this component?




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Pega Platform 8.3 Case Management Data Integration
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