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Posted: May 13, 2017
Last activity: May 26, 2017

Integrate with IBM Object Stores using REST API

We have a requirement to store our file attachments inside a different system rather than the conventional work attach file in transaction database, because of growing number of cases. A proposal made to this was to use IBM Object Store and it has been told that we can use REST api.

Brief summary about Object Store:

Object Store is one of several CTI software defined storage (SDS) products and provides S3 format storage managed by an industry-leading software solution from IBM. Object storage supports large, unstructured data which is generally not organized in a relational database such as emails, photographs, video, social media content and text documents. Further, block and file data can be transformed into S3 format for infrequently used data, allowing application teams to further reduce their cost of storage.
Application developers can access Object Storage through applications using REST API, the dominant interface for SDS applications. Simple commands like GET (read), PUT (save), and DELETE have users accessing user defined buckets of objects stored with metadata.

Has anyone implemented such a thing and is this something that is feasible using PEGA?

Note: File attachment sizes can go upto 15MB.

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