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Ratan Balaji (Ratan)
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Posted: July 6, 2017
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Integrating Pega with RDA

So far,

1) Pega Robotic Studio has been installed in the local system.

2) A valid automation has been created.

3) Pega 7.2 PE has been installed in my system.

4) A valid flow, floa action has been created in a sample case's stage1.

5) The name of the automation is given in the post processing of the Flow action.

I am getting an error message like below:

"Unable to invoke Robotic Automation from this screen. The Automation service is either unavailable or this system is not authorized to execute the automation."

This allows me to either quick my process flow or to ignore and continue.

Logically, either the REST service offered by the Robotic runtime is not available or my local pega server lacks authorization to access the offered rest sercvice.


1) Is having the Pega Robotic studio enough to process an inbound request? Or should i also install a Pega Runtime?

2) Does it mean that once i start / debug my solution, Pega robotic runtime gets started up?

3) The DSS pegarobotics/runtime/DesktopRoboticsURL is configured to by default. Should this be changed?

4) Is there a way where i can access the REST service offered by Robotic runtime similar to testing Pega API?

When i hit this URL via browser, it gave me nothing.


<!-- PegaServer tag is specific to RPA. -->
<!-- baseurl: Base address for Runtime to use for calls to request work items.-->
<PegaServer baseUrl="http://localhost:8080/prweb/api/v1/"/>
<!-- LocalApiService tag is specific to RDA. -->
<!-- enabled: If true, the Runtime will self host a REST service to accept requests from the Pega application. -->
<!-- SSL: If true, the service uses SSL and must be accessed via https. -->
<!-- port: Port the service will listen on. -->
<!-- allowedOrigins: Comma delimited list of domains that the service will accept requests from. -->
<!-- A specific domain can be given (i.e. or the subdomain may be wildcarded (i.e. * -->
<!-- Requests from any domain not in this list will be rejected. -->
<LocalApiService enabled="true" SSL="false" port="9443" allowedOrigins="http://localhost:8080"/>
<!-- baseUrl: Address of Pega API endpoint -->
<PegaServer baseUrl="http://localhost:8080/prweb/api/v1/"/>
<!-- The following credentials allow Studio to authenticate with the Pega server. -->
<!-- This user has read only access Pega class and field names. -->
<!-- No other permissions are required by or granted to this user. -->
<!-- userName: User name used to authenticate with Pega server. -->
<!-- password: Password used to authenticate with Pega server. -->
<RDA_Credentials userName="RatBot" password="rules"/>
Since i have created my pega application in my personal system, i have disabled SSL. Is that the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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