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Posted: August 11, 2016
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Integration with database to populate fields in Pega.


First, let me try to explain what the purpose of this idea was. As for learning and demo purposes, I wanted to populate a dropdown in my local PRPC client using an external source (database) with its contents. 

Since I'm BA & SA certified, this topic is briefly discussed but certainly not good enough to fully do it yourself. I've followed this guide to setup my local database (Using MySQL) and making the connections with Pega.

When I run the activity that was created by running the Connector and Metadata Accelerator ("Browsecustomer", as my scheme name is customer) I do see the records as the guide itself shows. The guide ends with: Now you can use the activity to populate a dropdown field in your local PRPC. 

This is where I got and still am stuck and don't know what to do. I've discussed with a few colleagues who amongst them were CSA certified and tried to make this work. The point where I am now is I've created a Data Page of List Type. The Data Source for this Data Page is the activity created and mentioned above "Browsecustomer". I've then added one of the fields generated in Pega (first_name wich is one of my records in the database) into a section and used a Data Page as list source for this field. The Data Page mentioned is the one I've sourced with the activity. Property for value was entered with .id and for display .first_name. 

Running this section gives me an XML (see attachments). I'm not sure what it is I have to do to make this populating work, I've tried adding a page list with the Data Page source as well. 

I'm curious if anyone has any insights on how I can resolve / make this work. 



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