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Ranganath Kuntumalla (RanganathK)

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Posted: October 22, 2020
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Interaction is getting closed on click of confirm in the confirm Harness after re-opening a closed case (Intent Task)

In the CPM Interaction Portal, once the research interaction is launched and after searching and selecting a contact composite will be displayed.

In the Composite we are displaying all the "Resolved" cases in a Grid. Our requirement is to re-open a case and display in the interaction. I'm able to achieve this using OOTB activities, but the issue is when we re-open interaction Thread is getting removed from the clipboard. so the re-opened case will be displayed and on completion of the case we are displaying confirm harness and on click of a Confirm button in the confirm harness interaction which was created is not getting displayed.

Reopening Activity Confguration:

Obj-open-by-handle using the inskey

ReopenworkObject Activity  

performassignmentCheck Activity 

Please help me in achieving this!

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