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Internal Popup search window not working in Pega8

Hi Team,

I am working on an upgrade project (P8). Am developing a composite portal (in P8.x) from Fixed portal(in P7.x). You can refer the below screen shot in p8

Image removed.

On click of a link say i am clicking "Claims by operator" a popup is displayed as below:(Here we are calling the activity "Rule-Obj-ListView.ShowView" from a script)

Image removed.

When i click on search icon, There should be another popup window should be opened as per P7 but in P8 it is not displaying anything. I compared the tracers of both but there is nothing suspicious i found.

Expected(in P7):

Image removed.

Actual (in P8):

Image removed.

Could you please suggest anything here on how can i fix this issue in P8.

Note- I do not have the requirement of converting List views to RD's. This should be achieved by using the above approach only

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