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Danny Freeman (DannyF72)

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Posted: March 6, 2018
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Interpreting test results from OpenSpan.ConstoleTestRunner.exe in Jenkins

I have a suite of unit tests that I am able to run in Jenkins using the OpenSpan.ConsoleTestRunner.exe that is installed along side the OpenSpan Plug-in for Visual Studio 2015. Once the tests have run, I have the test runner creating a results.xml file. I would like to use this results.xml file to report the test results back to Jenkins. If this were a normal c# project that was tested with something like NUnit, this would be done with the NUnit plugin for Jenkins, which allows Jenkins to interpret the test results from an NUnit run.

Here is my question

  1. Has anybody been able to successfully get Jenkins to read the test results? How?
  2. If not, does the results.xml file follow any kind of test result file standard such as the ones set by JUnit, MSTest, NUnit2, NUnit3?
    1. (This would allow me to use an existing Jenkins plugin to interpret the results)
  3. If it does not follow any of the current test result standards, is there a tool that could convert the pega unit test results to something like JUnit?

If none of these questions can be answered, would Pega be willing to write a Jenkins plugin for interpreting the test results, or at least a tool or feature in the console runner that gives the results in the JUnit schema?

For reference, here a sample results.xml from a test project I made, since it's been difficult for me to find any information about the results.xml file on Pega Developer Network.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
<!--This file represents the results of running a test suite-->

<test-results project-id="Project-8D5792CF26B16FE" project-name="TrainingWebAdapterTestPrj" total="2" not-finish="0" failures="0" date="2018-02-22" time="15:53:06">
  <environment ie-version="9.11" Java-version="1.8" Architecture="x64" os-name="Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise " clr-version="4.0" os-version="Microsoft Windows" platform="Win32NT" cwd="C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSpan\OpenSpan Runtime Enterprise" machine-name="redacted" user="redacted" user-domain="UP" />
  <culture-info current-culture="en-US" current-uiculture="en-US" />
  <test-suite executed="True" result="Success" success="True" total-time="69.220" project-path="C:\Users\AG218\AppData\Local\OpenSpan\8.0\Projects\Project-8D5792CF26B16FE\TrainingWebAdapterTestPrj.dll"> 

      <test-case executed="True" result="Success" success="True" failure-is-known-issue="False" name="ACME_T_SignIn_Success" time="22.555" />
      <test-case executed="True" result="Success" success="True" failure-is-known-issue="False" name="ACME_T_SignIn_Unavailable_ReturnsFailed" time="0.007" />
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