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Interrogate Java AWT application failed

Now I am working on a project to automate Java AWT  application, but I cannot create controls when I drag bullseye to the specific target control.  The only control that can be created is at class of SunAwtCanvas. I have checked many threads on forums, some of them said that java controls tab will be displayed after start interrogate and system detect a java application is started. But in my case, neither java control tabs or virtual controls tab display. And I've set GDI and java debugger enabled in openspan.ini. Nothing happened, interrogation still works as usal. I could really use some help and a demo related to java application interrogation will be the best.



Here is my setting to Windows application adapter:

Arguments: -Xmx768M -Xms128M -XX:MaxPermSize=256M  -Dnc.jstart.server= -Dnc.jstart.protocol=http -Dnc.jstart.port=9081 -Dnc.client.location=C:/Users/V_QSRXC2/AppData/Local/UClient/apps/UG_68C~1/NC_CLI~1 -Duclient.procLabel=.5fc8-5b4f535 -Duclient=true -Duclient.productVersion=5.2 -Duclient.ultraSpeed=true -Duclient.startVisible=true -Dapp.category="UAP" -cp C:/Users/V_QSRXC2/AppData/Local/UClient/apps/UG_68C~1/NCLogin.jar;.;C:/Users/V_QSRXC2/AppData/Local/UClient/share/.l;C:/Users/V_QSRXC2/AppData/Local/UClient/share/java1.5.0_22-x86/lib/plugin.jar;C:/Users/V_QSRXC2/AppData/Local/UClient/share/java1.5.0_22-x86/lib/deploy.jar;C:/Users/V_QSRXC2/AppData/Local/UClient/share/java1.5.0_22-x86/lib/rt.jar org.granite.launcher.Launcher nc.uclient.starter.JStarterUClient5

Path: C:\Users\V_QSRXC2\AppData\Local\UClient\share\java1.5.0_22-x86\bin\javaw.exe

HookChildProcess: True

StartMethod : True

other settings are set to either empty or defalut value

Application behavior: Java application can start after I clicked start interrogate. But If you try to type in any value, application will exit and so does interrogation.

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