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Devi Michael (DeviM738)

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Posted: July 14, 2017
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Interrogating a HTML table using RPA

We have a set of URLs all of which have the same HTML Table.

Each of the URL is loaded in a loop, by using the Navigate method of the Browser Object

After loading the page in the automation, the waitforcreated method of the HTMLTable is called. Only if this is true, the control goes to getting the number of rows in the HTML table.

If the waitforcreated method of the HTMLTable is returns false, then there is a error handling code

But every now and then, the automation gives an error when trying to get the Rows property, saying that the underlying table is not matched.This happens randomly.

Dont really understand, why the execution goes to the Rows property, if the Table has not been created. If the table is not created or matched, then shouldnt the waitforcreated method return a false?

Please help

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