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Posted: May 6, 2020
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Interrogating Save as Dialog box from IE


I am trying to Interrogate the Textbox in the Save As dialog Box that we get from IE Pop up.

I was successful in interrogating the Pop up but I am facing another issue where I need to enter the file name.

I am a newbie in Pega . I have gone through similar posts on the Pega network but the suggestions unfortunately didn't work for me. Would be a massive help if instead of providing a link a glimpse of the Workflow is provided

I had a issue where the Control3 was not uniquely identified but I introduced a new rule making it unique

Attached are the OBJ explorer & the rules for the txtTextBox

Also the File name generated is dynamic based on the time and date

I have tried Send keys ,Click by text,basically all the options that have been mentioned on the similar posts but I am not able to get through in my system. Any help on this will greatly help me I have also

Object Explorer

Match rules

Dynamic File name


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