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Posted: August 25, 2018
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Interrogation Adobe opened pdf/ or Open specific pdf file then interrogate

Hi Jeff / Robotic Pega Team

My automation requirement is interrogating Adobe pdf called robo.pdf (example name robo.pdf) which is already opened manually by agent.

Start of the automation is - once RDA bot-Button clicked bot need to take over the control of robo.pdf which was already agent manually opened (example pdf file name called robo.pdf file) ,then perform below actions by bot need to perform without manual intervention- unattended.

1)Right click in the already agent opened robo.pdf - choose "save as"

2) This would open file location window -choose Desk Top

3)Click Save button - now file saved in desk top location by RDA bot which -then kept open the robo.pdf

4)Now same RDA bot - need to pick up date value called "Received Date" from another web asp application [called "Ortho"] [Received Date is Calendar Date Control in "Ortho"]- for that needs a web adapter] "Ortho" was already opened by agent and kept opened.

5) Now RDA bot need to add a comment in robo.pdf- " Received - "+ Received Date [retrieved earlier from "Ortho" ]- by clicking -[Add Comment menu in-Adobe pdf ] /once comment added in robo.pdf- click save as in "\\shared folder" [ the difference between the robo.pdf one saved in desktop folder and one saved in "\\shared folder" is same robo.pdf file but added "Received -"+Received Date added as comment in the one in \\shared folder.

6) Now RDA bot continue to add a \\shared file location robo.pdf in the "Ortho" web asp application -[url link control -click button-open browse control -put \\shared file location robo.pdf -click upload]- then file get uploaded- file location link is shown.

7) Then click the save button in "Ortho" asp web application.

My question is

1)whether possible to do above steps in Pega Robotics-Openspan.

2) Whether Adobe.pdf interrogation controls are available ?

3) Important requirement is RDA bot needs to take over the control of robo.pdf file which was already manually opened by agent. [I know we have pdf connector -where I specify robo.pdf file name and then use pdfviewer to view the robo.pdf file- but that option cannot able to take over the control of already agent opened robo.pdf session]

Also please provide regarding Adobe pdf interrogation controls.

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