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InvocationTargetException by adding a new "create case command" in webchat channel

When I add a new create case comment to my WebChat channel, the modal dialog is not closing after submit click, and I get the following error on the clipboard page EditCommand:

The Flow Action post-processing activity pzAddCommand failed: java.lang.InternalError: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

There are no error in the logs.

By tracing the whole process I found out that the root cause could be a java step in the activity pyUpdateTaxonomyFromClipboard (Ruleset Pega-NLP:08-01-01) which is not completed properly. The activity ends during execution of the java step 6.

Step 6 is a java step with the following code:

byte[] excelSource = com.pega.nlp.textanalytics.taxonomy.TaxonomyUtil.getTaxonomyFromCilpboard(tools);
fileSource = Base64Util.encodeToString(excelSource);
}catch(Exception e){
throw new PRRuntimeException(e);

I have added oLog.infoForce steps before and after the method call:


There is no log written after the getTaxonomyFromCilpboard function call.

Seems some unexpected error is thrown within the method but I can not dig deeper into it.

Does anyone know what exactly com.pega.nlp.textanalytics.taxonomy.TaxonomyUtil.getTaxonomyFromCilpboard(tools) is doing? and how to investigate further?

About my environment:

Pega Version: 8.1.3

App Server: Tomcat 9

Running in a docker container using the pegasystems image

Database: Postgres 9.6

The framework is not really necessary as I'm getting this error also in new applications which are not suing any framework at all.

Anyway, on this environemnt we have imported two Frameworks Pega Sales Automation for Insurance and Customer Service for Insurance version 8.1.

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