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Issue in BusinessCalendar-addDays function if we are taking more than 260 days

Hi, We are using @addDays() function in Data Transform to adding business days to current Date like below:


The Function is returning correct date till 1 year of business days from current Date ,but we are getting issue if we are giving more than 1 year of business days from current Date.

Example: if we are taking currentDate as 10-Sep-2019, and executing addDays function:

@(Pega-RULES:BusinessCalendar).addDays(@CurrentDate("MM/dd/yyyy","PST"),261,true,USDefault) , getting output as 9-Sep-2020.Similarly,if am changing the numberOfDays to 262,263 and 264 days, getting 28-May-2020, 29-May-2020, 30-May-2020 respectively instead of 10-Sep-2020,11-Sep-2020,12-Sep-2020. Why this is happening after 1 year from current date ? Please post your solution.

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