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Issue with duplicate case after resolve of child case


I'm working on Pega 7.2.1 and I have following scenario to implement

I have a "Contract" case which have a child case "Recycle". In a flow I have to create child case and based of the option chosen by the user process the parent case in two different ways. First option is to restart previous "Contract" stage and the second one is to Cancel current Contract case and creates its duplicate.

1st scenario works fine but I have problems with the second one.

I used OOTB shape to create child case, then wait shape to wait for resolved child, decision shape to choose path (user option from child case) and - duplicate (copyWork activity) and change stag shape to complete case in "cancelled" stage.

I got two main problems with this approche:

1. I got locking issue - child case loose its lock and cannot be saved - it ends unresolved even if was resolved during the flow processing (wait shape resumes the flow)

2. duplicated contract is created as child of original contract instead of it's sibling.

Any idea how i can resolve this?

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