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Issue Executing Pega Scenario Tests with Selenium Directly from the API

Hi folks,

I’m trying to execute our scenario tests using the Pega REST API provided in version 8.5.3.   Using the Pega documentation online (  I’m pointing to a standalone Selenium hub running on our local server.  Despite specifying a stand-alone Selenium server, the REST API times out with a 504 gateway timeout error because it’s trying to connect to the Selenium hub “”.   How do I get it to point to my local Selenium hub instead?  Please see the curl below and the attached log file snippet for the full stacktrace.  

curl -i -k -u '<redacted>:<redacted>' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --trace-ascii dump.txt -X POST -d '{"JobID":"123", "Provider":"STANDALONE", "Browser":"chrome", "BrowserVersion":"90.0.4430.24", "Platform":"LINUX", "SUTURL":"", "SUTUserID":"<redacted>", "SUTPassword":"<redacted>", "ProviderURL":"", "TestSuiteID":"TS_TEGECW13RegressionTestSuite"}' --url  


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