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Posted: April 20, 2018
Last activity: July 23, 2018

Issue with Kafka Instance Configuration in Pega 7.3.1

Problem Statement:

For the real-time event consumption from an external source, Kafka Instance is proposed for implementation in Pega 7.3.1.
By referring most of the documentation in and outside PDN, successfully configured Kafka cluster in Windows but Integrating with Pega is still infeasible.
Whenever tried, got below interesting message for which I couldn't find any solution:

" Error connecting to Kafka. Failed to construct kafka consumer. No resolvable bootstrap urlsgiven in bootstrap.servers"

Can somebody, please provide the approach to configure Kafka Instance in Pega. What should be the valid Host and Port details and how it has to be enabled from Pega installed cloud instance to the local windows machine?


For Implementation purpose, tried below-mentioned approach but couldn't resolve the above error message.

To configure Kafka instance in Pega gone through below URLs in Pega:
1) Kafka Installation in windows:
2) Kafka Data instance configuration:

* Please note Kafka is installed on the local machine where Pega is not installed, and the Designer studio is accessible only through web URL.

Method Tried:

Tried to give Host details as:
1) IP address of windows local machine with Port: 9092 (and/or) 2181
2) Host Id of windows local machine with Port: 9092 (and/or) 2181
3) Host Id generated from Kafka cluster while running in local machine
4) Tried to modify Kafka config .properties files folder with local machine host Id details where ever localhost was mentioned

But still couldn't create a single Kafka Instance in Pega.

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