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Issue with Major Skimming

Hi ,

We have done a major skimming for our application after which one drop down feature is not working as expected. The root cause is as follows.

1) The main section is in work class and the drop down is present in an embedded section that belongs to Data Class.This embedded section is being referred in the work class section using page property reference.

2) When the dropdown value changes, we have an event action to refresh the section and to call a data transform(Lets say DTA) which is in same Data class.

3) From DTA we are calling another data transform (lets say DTB) which is in work class by giving full name i.e <CLASS NAME>.DTB and the DTB present in work class is getting called.

4)Now in DTB we are having 2 when rules that are present in same Work class as that of DTB.

These 2 when conditions used to be called properly before skimming, but after we have done major skimming the rule resolution is searching for those when condition in the Data class of the DTA insead of Work class of DTB.

Now we would like to know why Rule Resolution used to pick up the when rule from Work class before Major skimming and why its searching in Data class after major skimming.

Thanks in advance,

Santosh Nekkanti.

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