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Posted: February 14, 2020
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Issue OAuth2.0 Authorization Code

Unable to connect to the authorization server with Authorization Grant type, as it saying invalid redirect uri which is auto-filled in by pega .


if i ignore the test connectivity and directly refer the authentication profile in connect-reset then it's failing as unable to obtain token.

 Step Status Info 
 ** Unable to obtain OAuth2 Token

I don't see class for authorization code ,



I need to connect with client system using OAuth 2 authentication protocol.

I need to use authorization code grant type.

Everything is set like , Client_ID, key, redirect_URI etc.

I created OAuth 2 provider & Authentication profile data instance. In the Connect-REST, I used the authentication profile.

when i test the Connector activity, nothing works !!!, when i check customized logs in pyInvokeRESTConnector activity, I see access token as null.

In pyInvokeRESTConnector 6th java step, they use getAccessToken method to get the access token

But where they get the authorization code???!!!!

We know for Authorization code grant type, there should be 2 requests.

1) get authorization code

2) get access code

pega do really support Authorization code grant type in 7.3.1




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