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Issue with paramters passing to multile subreports from main report

Hi All,

Am facing a weird behavior in Pega 7.2.1

I have a main report, which has two subreports configured.

Both of these sub report accept parameter A, which is used in the where clause on that respective subreport.

So now say my Main report has Subreport1 and pass the param and also have subreport2 and pass param.

In the generated SQL, i see that the subreport1 inner join has the where clause set properly with the param, whereas the subreport2 , does not have the where clause itself.

note:In both subreports "Ignore filter conditions for the sub report in this report" is unchecked.

When i reverse the reports, says make my subreport2 as first subreport and subreport1 as second in main report, the similar behavior is observed. Now for subreport2 the where clause is fine but for subreport1 there is no where clause.

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