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Tripurna Madabathula (TripurnaM)
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Posted: May 29, 2020
Last activity: June 1, 2020

Issue with SSL Configuration in Service Soap and Connect Soap in 7.4

I have an issue while hitting service using 2 way ssl authentication.The client(External System) is trying to hit the api gate way URL with the request and API gate way will authenticate through certificates and upon successful authentication the request is routed to pega server.But somehow the request is not reaching to pega as i couldn't trace anything in service soap rule and even the https request is not logged in web logs but the client(External system) is receiving the response with status code 200 and the response is '<meta content="0;url=./prweb/PRWebLDAP1/" http-equiv="refresh"/>

Any idea on this how to debug this issue and how to trace the request between the API Gateway and pega server?

Can any help with step by step configuration for 2 way SSL in 7.4 using Service Soap and Connect Soap

Note:Cannot use any debuging tools as dont have permissions to access in client environment.




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