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Issue with Table Grid

We are having issue with repeating grid like one change of one column we are calculating the value for other column which is editable mode but it's not reflected with updated value after calculation .

on change of col1 ,calling the data transform to set the value for other column but it's not getting reflected on col2 .In tracer we see the updated value is getting populated on page list record and the value is getting reverted to previous value as soon as data transform ends and it's seeing previous value . If use set value to populate the data then it's working fine...Not sure what is wrong with calling data trasform.


on change of the column,If we use "set value" then other column is getting populated but it's not working if data transform is used .

If use data transform for calculation and target column is readonly then it's working fine but it's not working if col mode is editable .

Pega .7.3.1

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