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Issue with tools.getRequestor().queueBatchActivity and tools.getRequestor().waitOnBatchActivity();



I got an issue while calling activity, AddAutoToQuote in Java code. 

Here is my Java code 

ClipboardPage sharedPage = tools.findPage("OperatorID"); List otherPages = new ArrayList(); otherPages.add(sharedPage);

ct=tools.getRequestor().queueBatchActivity("ZUR-FIG-AUI","AddAutoToQuote",tools.getParameterPage(),tools.getStepPage(),otherPages, false); myStepPage.putObject("pyObject",ct);




java.lang.Object ct=myStepPage.getObject("pyObject"); try{ tools.getRequestor().waitOnBatchActivity(ct,60000);// 60 seconds of timeout }catch(PRNoSuchChildException e) { //oLog.error(" No child found "+e); } catch(PRTimeoutExpiredException et) { //oLog.error(" Thread timedout to finish "+et); }


When I try to pull this as a child page not getting the pyoutputpage result always showing empty. 



Please check the activity in the attached

Below is the Log details.


2020-06-18 13:55:33,247 [PegaWorkManager : 21] [  STANDARD] [   ] [FBIExpress:14.01] (ernal.async.BatchRequestorTask) ERROR - Batch activity "ZUR-FIG-AUI.AddAutoToQuote" threw: 



Can anyone please advise.



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