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Posted: March 15, 2017
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Issue when RTE is used


We have a section which has a property with RTE control. The check box in the RTE for break lines is checked. It is saved using a web service. The values are sent with <br/> when enter is used in the request and saved. When retrieving the same property value, again web service is used, and in the response again the values as seen as expected with <br/> in the place of enter. But it is getting saved in the clipboard as what we entered. The enter (<br/>) is seen instead of the value being in the next line but seen correctly when the property is referred in the RTE. The issue is when it is referred in the Text Input read only format, each line is ends with a <br/>. Another issue is if



> characters are used it is seen as

&amp;<br />
&lt;<br />

Other special characters with similar issue is " and '

If the RTE check box is unchecked, it looks like the following






In place of






Please let me know how to handle this.

Thank you

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