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Issued password by the activity "pxGeneratePassword"


I have questions about above subject.

Could you teach me below 2 points.


<point 1>

Is the length of returned password by this activity always fixed?

for example, I recognize below when I set the minimum length of the password in security policy by dev studio.

pattern 1 : minimum length of password = 8 >> length is always 10

pattern 2 : minimum length of password = 10 >> length is always 10

pattern 3 : minimum length of password = 15 >> length is always 15

<point 2>

Can I change the length of password by changing something of Pega's setting ?


<what's I want to do>

providing user password fixed length (8 digits) .



Pega Platform 8.3.1

I would appreciate any support you can offer me. Best regards,

Pega Platform 8.3.1 Low-Code App Development Dev/Designer Studio Consumer Services System Architect
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