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Posted: February 7, 2020
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Issues with ASO autofill, Forloop and Lookup table


I am facing below issues working with web app, any help would be much appreciated


1. I am working on web application and using Single sign on for it. it was working fine earlier, but somehow it stopped working suddenly and behaving inconsistant.(like working some times)

2. Lookup table: reading table rows and adding them to lookup table using add record method in a loop. The issue is there are some empty rows entered inbetween lookup table.What might be the reason?

3. ForLoop: i have given limit as 2 and initial value as 1 and increment by 1. In actual, it should iterate twice, but its looping only once.

I am using 19.1V on windows 10. Other solutions which have the above components are working fine but not this.

I have reloaded project, cleaned/Rebuild, even restarted my machine nothing is working

Pega Robotic Process Automation 8.0 Robotic Process Automation
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