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Posted: January 5, 2018
Last activity: January 17, 2018

Issues in CPM Healthcare Framework, or maybe in CPM framework too

In our application, We have a rule named “UHGCPMSInteractionPortalTop” which is a copy and minor customization of out of box rule "CPM-Portal.CPMHCInteractionPortalTop" in CPMHC-UI:07-13-01

(see attached document for screenshot)

from CPM Healthcare frame work.

In this rule, layout 2 has Refresh condition

D_CPMPortalContext.pyID Changes || D_CPMPortalContext.InteractionHeaderRefreshDateTime Changes

(see attached document for screenshot)

When we run the application, whenever a new intent is launched from interaction, or an intent makes progress in the flow, such as submit a flow action, then the layout aforementioned in the header refreshes itself, even though neither D_CPMPortalContext.pyID or D_CPMPortalContext.InteractionHeaderRefreshDateTime changes, both remain the same.

Investigation shows that PRPC server somehow thinks that D_CPMPortalContext.pyID has changed, and tells the browser the same, causing browser to refresh the layout aforementioned.

Has anyone noticed same issue in your CPM application?

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