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Harjot Sandhar (HarjotS7)
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Posted: December 15, 2017
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Issues with running Pega Robotics in mixed-mode

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to Pega Robotics, so I apologize in advance if some of the questions/terminology doesn't make sense.

What I am trying to do

  1. Start an automation workfow on local computer (Pega Runtime is installed)
  2. Steps 1 to 5 are executed on the local machine
  3. Steps 6 to 10 are executed on a Citrix machine (XenDesktop)
  4. steps 11 to 15 are executed back on the local machine


I am unable to get the Pega Robotics solution to open a Citrix session and execute the steps (more details below)

What I've tried so far

I followed the step-by-step instructions to create a Pega Robotics solution that uses Citrix context using this URL>

As long as I'm running the Citrix context with Run Local property set to False, its working as expected.
Open Calculator, enter some numbers, press M+, it copies the output of Calculator and pastes it in Notepad.

However, the goal and purpose of using a Citrix context is to have Notepad open up in the Citrix machine.

Failing scenarios

  • Leave Published Application Name blank for the Citrix context

I'm getting the error: PublishedApplicationName cannot be blank, unless a template ICA file is provided with an InitialProgram specified.
Screenshot: PAN_Blank.png (attached)

  • Enter the name of Citrix machine (on the Citrix farm in the Published Application Name field).

    I'm getting the error: The published application currently is not available. Try connecting again later.
    Screenshot: PAN_ServerName.png (attached)

  • Try a generic app name for the Published Application Name field, just to test how it behaves.
    I chose "notepad".

    I'm getting the error:
    Screenshot: PAN_Notepad.png (attached)

What can I do?

Can you please suggest which Published Application Name should I be specifying in this field?

According to the documentation, Set this property to the name provided by your Citrix server administrator. This name will point to the OpenSpan Runtime on the Citrix server farm.

I checked with the Citrix admin, and he mentioned that in our organization, we don't have any published apps, and the Citrix machines are published desktops and the admin just installed the Pega Runtime on it.

I'm a bit confused by this and can't figure out which app can I specify? Should I give the full path to the runtime? Any other name?

I could really use any type of feedback and help I could get on this topic.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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