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Is it possible to base a when condition on a dynamically updated property in the action set in a repeat grid?

Hi All,

Looking for a work-around for the following use-case:

  1. A repeat grid is configured in a section sourced by a report definition(or data page)
  2. One of its column value has an action set configured on Click.
  3. The first action on click is a "Run Activity". The activity modifies the value of a property (e.g. Age=40)
  4. The second action is based on a when condition which checks for the modified value of the previous step.
  5. However, the when condition does not pick up the updated value in the first step.

This is Pega's expected behaviour. When condition checks for the value of the property on the client. However the updated property value is not present on the client side although it is updated in the clipboard. A refresh before the second step doesn't help.

Basically, for the when condition run correctly, the value must be loaded in the UI. Is there a way to make it run correctly with a dynamically modified value which is updated in the clipboard but not in the client UI.

Please find screenshots attached.



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