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Is it possible to expose a property in Page Group?


I know we can expose a column in Single Page, or Page List (Declare Index) but is it possible to expose a property in Page Group? Page Group has its subscript and I am defining those subscript string in an activity. When I tried to expose this column, PRPC created a Declare Index and this is working like Page List (There is no subscript information but sequential number 1, 2, 3.. index exists). This is not quite working and of course, there is no way for PRPC to know these subscripts information. So the next approach I tried is I manually created a database column something like PAGEGROUPSUBSCRIPTX, PAGEGROUPSUBSCRIPTY, and PAGEGROUPSUBSCRIPTZ. Then I added a row in External Mapping in Work class to map PRPC property and database column. Now it seems to be working but is this a right approach? Can I assume this is working?


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