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Posted: March 4, 2020
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Is it possible to open case in other application from "My Work" in the current application?

Hi all

I am required to customize "Pending Approvals" and "Pending Approvals In WB" in "My Work" of "Case Manager" and "Case Worker" portal. In our client environment, they have some Pega applications and they are required to switch application from "Switch Portal" if they want to see other tasks in other application. Therefore I have complaints from user because the current situation is troublesome.

I would like to know the following two things.


Is it possible for users to see all assignment task from one application?

e.g.)  Some assignment comes from "Div1" application, and others comes from "Div2" application and I log in "Div1" application as a "Div1" user. In this case, I can see assignments from "Div1" application in "Pending Approvals" or "Pending Approvals In WB" of "My Work" because I log in "Div1" application. In this scenario, is it possible to see assignments from "Div2" application in "Pending Approvals" or "Pending Approvals In WB" of "My Work" under "Div1" application?


If Q1 is possible, can we open the assignment case from "Div1" application and "Div2" application launch automatically?


*users has access right for "Div1" and "Div2" application.

1. log in "Div1" application

2. see assignment cases from "My Work" in "Div1" application

   assignment cases are from "Div1" and "Div2" application   ----------> Q1

3. click  an assignment case from "Div2" application

4. launch "Div2" application because the case is from "Div2" application------->Q2

5. edit the case and the following flow is the same as "Div2" application  ------->Q2


May I have any advice?



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