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Jar file Inclusion and Library Regeneration when hotfix delivered

Is it possible to regenerate libraries at startup when you dont have a Marker File?


Is there a way to include new jars without restarting Pega?

Lets put these questions into some context. We  received a hotfix that comprised of RULES and new Jar files. Once this was imported the new RULES were available, this broke some other fucntionality in the system. This was because the new version jar files were not available. Once we restarted Pega then the jar files were available, however the function still failed as the library had to be regenerated.

Deleting the Marker file and restarting, reduces the problem as the libraries will be rebuilt at startup. Otherwise we have a gap. From installing the hot fix prior to restart and after the restart until the library is regenerated. during this gap Functionality will not work and errors can be caused within the system.

Post 72 we dont have the marker file anymore, so how can we get the libraries to regenerate at startup? other than waiting till the system is up, going into SMA and forcing all libraries to be generated. Im curious as to the best approaches around this problem


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