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java.lang.RuntimeException: Component stack mismatch

Our application has been upgraded to 7.3.1 an year ago and since then, on a random basis, users are getting Harness failure error. When verified in logs, we saw a RunTimeException which says,

java.lang.RuntimeException: Component stack mismatch {"section":"XXXX","ver":"1","objClass":"Rule-HTML-Section","class":"XX-YY-ZZ","RO":"false","sectionBaseRef":"","expandRL":"","UID":"SID1548168960812","outerGadget":"GID_1548168960803","pyName":"pxSection","pyTemplates":[{"NTId":"1548168960810000","NTRef":"377a281255308411b9d9c369082c39b9_2","pyName":"pxNonTemplate"}]}!!!!===={"containerType":"CENTER","isClientWhen":false,"isVisibilityOption":"","pyName":"pxHarnessContainer","pyTemplates":[{"whenId":"3446558839592bbdd282724cb6956d2e_4","pyName":"pxVisible","pyTemplates":[{"NTId":"1548168960776000","NTRef":"8bb8687bb6525f4960bf3d5bee28fae1_1","pyName":"pxNonTemplate"}]},{"pxReferencedId":"3446558839592bbdd282724cb6956d2e_5","pyName":"pxSection"}]}

This being random, we are not able to pinpoint the issue. Also, it is occurring in several places of the application but the common part is that, the sections have a repeating list in the form of a Table or row repeat etc.,

So, I wanted to check here before raising an SR. Anyone who has faced this issue and found a solution, please suggest.

Thanks in advance!!

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