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Posted: May 22, 2017
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JavaScript driven combo boxes on web pages

Using Pega Robotics version 8 plugin for Visual Studio 2015....

Having issues getting automations to process next steps, following selecting items in javascript based comboboxes.

I am able to set the value of the combobox that I'm looking for, using the following methods: SelectItemByText, SelectItemByIndex and SelectItemByValue. However, once the value is set in the combobox, I can't seem to find any methods to fire off the next step. When performing this manually, all you have to do is click the option in the combobox and then the next step (pop up) automatically happens. I've tried just about every method I can think of to click, set focus, lose focus, etc. and nothing is working.

Here's what it looks like when done manually:

Combo box, as is on the webpage:

Selecting Item in the combobox manually (just click)

Pop up event that occurs after manual click (this is what I can't seem to reproduce):

Anyone else have similar issues? If so, what did you do to get around this?

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