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Posted: April 2, 2020
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Jenkins Error using prpcServiceUtils(No match Application name)

Hello everyone. Let me ask Pega beginners.

I am trying to implement application export from Jenkins using prpcServiceUtils. However, the following errors cannot be resolved.It matches Pega's ApplicationName, but ...

message: Error Messages  : No matching Product or Application found with inputs Product Name:\u30ac\u30a4\u30c9\u30e9\u30a4\u30f3\u4f5c\u6210 Product Version:01.01.01 Application Name:\u30ac\u30a4\u30c9\u30e9\u30a4\u30f3\u4f5c\u6210 Application Version:01.01.01

I want to ask you two points. 1. How to check the parameters “Application Name”, “Application Version”, “Product Name”, “Product Version” specified on Jenkins on the Pega screen (I want to check if the specified parameters match) 2. I suspect that it is caused by using 2-byte characters (Japanese Hiragana, Kanji) for the specified parameter. Is use of 2-byte characters prohibited in the first place?

I want to borrow your wisdom.

Pega Platform 8.3 DevOps
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