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JMS Listener is getting failed in the server side after receiving the request from Client side

We have two separate PEGA instances (Environments:Client and Server side) and corresponding Servers in Microsoft SQL Sever Management Studio having common Customer specific tables. What we do is if there is any change in the data/records available in any of the Customer Tables in one environment/server(client side), we fire a request via Connect JMS so that the changes made to one side are reflected in the other server (server side) as well. Our main purpose over here is to keep all the Customer tables in sync in both of these environments. There is a JMS MDB Listener and a Service JMS which receives the request in the server side, parses the data and saves the data available in the incoming request in the server side customer tables.

For a couple of days we are getting one issue. Whenever the request is getting triggered from the client side (via Connect JMS), the JMS MDB Listener is getting failed and in PEGA logs we can see the below error getting logged in the sever side PEGA instance:

2019-12-23 07:09:14,430 [stenerThreadPool : 0] [ STANDARD] [ ] [ ] ( mgmt.base.DatabaseStorage) ERROR - deleteRequestor(): Error while deleting saved context (AOCRLD4VISVNQ8E28ZUA13ANQSB69SYRD)
java.sql.SQLException: DSRA9350E: Operation Connection.commit is not allowed during a global transaction.
at ~[]
As a result of this the Service JMS is not able to process and parse data and the purpose of performing the sync among the tables between the client and server side is not getting served.
Is there anyone who has earlier faced this issue or got some solution for this?
This has been correctly working for the last 6 months. We have been facing this issue on a daily basis for the last 3 weeks and no recent code changes have been done from PEGA/Application end.

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