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JMS MDB listener is throwing error in the Logs

I have configured a JMS MDB listener in my application (BMT enabled). It is picking up messages from the queue and creating cases. However it is throwing error in the logs whenever it processes the message. The error is 

[8/16/16 15:52:31:424 CEST] 0000008c SystemOut     O 2016-08-16 15:52:31,424 [AResourceAdapter : 6] [  STANDARD] [       CSUK:01.01.01] ( ERROR JMS|UBSIntSvcsSTPException|Services|CreateServiceCases|AD36BCB3D332FEFD53305AB263F53FEFD  - JMS service [UBSIntSvcsSTPException][Services][CreateServiceCases] failed::java.lang.NullPointerException

[8/16/16 15:52:31:462 CEST] 0000008c SystemOut     O 2016-08-16 15:52:31,461 [AResourceAdapter : 6] [  STANDARD] [       CSUK:01.01.01] (      services.jms.JMSListener) ERROR   - Request handling by JMS Service Listener SISSTPJMSListener failed

I redeployed the MDB components successfully many times. My concern is it is filling up my logs.

Can someone kindly advise what could be the issue? 

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