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JSON Object Parsing in Pega

Pega recieving the response through connect-Rest in the JSON object format as shown below.

{"cust":"xxx","emailAddress":"","Valid":true,"Others":[{"type":"XXX","value":"125-SDF-RTZ "}]},

{"cust":"yyy","emailAddress":"","Valid":true,"Others":[{"type":"XXX","value":"125-SDF-RTZ "}]}

Connector wizard created the datamodel specific to IDs: "125-XXX-ABC" and "350-YYY-YXF" and not working when response contains other customer Ids.

Instead of mapping reponse data to JSON: Response_Post , I mapped it to clipboard string property and passing JSON string to a function @pxconvertstringtopage after manipulating JSON string Ids (Append alphabet and convert hypen(-) to underscore ( _ ) to "P125_XXX_ABC" and "P350_YYY_YXF" . In clipboard pageless classes are created with different pagenames.

I m unable to copy the classless pages to named pages due to different page names created. Is there a better way to handle this scenario. Any suggestions are helpful.

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