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JSR94 Authentification Service


We are working in Pega since Pega 4.2, we are working to migrate Pega 6.3 SP1 to Pega 7.3.1. We have develop our own tool to test in Pega. To connect to Pega, we used a Stateless JSR94 service and as the first step in Pega, we were validating the LDAP authentification and creating the Session with this code :

PRAuthentication auth = pega.getAuthenticationHandle();
auth.setUserSecurityProfile(tools, uid);
auth.setAccessGroup(pega, accessGroup);

Now, this code is deprecated and failed, because Pega had some hacking validation... Which, Im a totally agree.

So, now Im trying to use the normal "AuthService" process to connect my JSR94 service, but I have some difficulties to make it works and I don't find any good documentation about the subject, since Pega has also put JSR94 deprecated.

We are not ready to replace the JSR94 protocole, we have a lot of test and development to perform to achieve the replacement.

So, is anybody can give me some documentations or hints to make an authentification with JSR94 ?

Should I write my own a Java Class to replace the "com.pega.pegarules.session.internal.engineinterface.service.HttpAPI" class use for the HTTP service authentification ?

If I use the Basic authentification, I get in Pega, but my session is not created as expected.

Pega Platform Data Integration Java and Activities Security System Administration
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