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Posted: August 10, 2015
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key mismatch

Our application has a class XXX-Int-DWH-Assigned_Product which is mapped to a table Assgined_Product in db. This table was existing for few months. To update the entries in this table we recently added a primary key constraint in the database table also defined same property as the key in class definition. It works fine in DEV environment but not in test environment.

I can see the db table definition has a primary key in db and class also has keys, but while doing 'Test Connectivity' I get an error like below. I suspected a miss in grants or synonm but I dont see any differences in it

There is a key mismatch: the keys defined for class BGC-Int-DWH-AssignedProduct do not match the primary key columns for external data table Assigned_Product in database PegaRULES; the class keys are [Product_Sr_Number], but the table's primary keys are [].

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