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Posted: July 3, 2019
Last activity: July 9, 2019

Known defect in PRPC during stage transition?

We are using PRPC 7.3SP1 and we noticed very strange issue in Production environment, which although occurs rarely, but does occur

The symptom of the issue is that the work case is not "updated", i.e. user input is lost, although audit history shows that the user has finished assignment and the case has proceeded to the next stage.

In audit history, it says either "Case moved from xxx to xxx via Change Stage flow shape" or "Case moved from xxx to xxx via automatic stage transition".

Users do not notice any issue on the UI at the time of performing the action, but notice this issue only afterwards.

We suspect there is a defect in PRPC engine regarding stage transition handling during flow processing. The defect only manifest rarely. Therefore, we never noticed this issue during dev/QA/UAT, but only noticed this issue in Production environment where case volume is big. We also do not find error messages in the log file at the time of "stage transition"

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