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Posted: February 27, 2019
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Launch Portal with new work object using snapstart URL

We have followed steps mentioned below link


Step 1:

We used the below snapstart URL to invoke a custom activity "LaunchPortal"


Application URL:http://serverX/prweb/PRServlet?

Operator ID:

Password: Password=cGVnYQ== (default, no need to modify)

Activity to be invoked:pyActivity=SampleClass-Work.New (We created a new activity "LaunchPoral" in Data-Portal and used it here)

Step 2:

In the LaunchPortal activity, we called ShowDesktop activity in Step 1 and in Step 2 we set "SnapFlag" Property in pyDisplayHarness page to true.

Step 3:

We then created a new section "LaunchCase" in Data-Portal Class, and unchecked the Auto-Generated HTM check box in HTML tab and entered the below code in HTML Source,

var testFlag = "<%=tools.findPage("pyDisplayHarness").getProperty(".SnapFlag").getStringValue()%>";
pega.desktop.createNewWork("ClassName",1, "FlowName");


Step 4:

We added the "LaunchCase" section in the default tab of the portal and finally we checked the "Defer load content" checkbox in the default tab configuration.

We could Launch stand alone section not the work object. Please let us know above highlighted script is correct to launch the case.

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