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Posted: November 20, 2018
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"Layout", "Basic", "Advanced" in Designer Studio not available in 7.4


I have developed an application in my local machine with Pega 7.4 and just imported R-A-P into customer's environment. Now developers just log in and it looks ordinary at a glance, but we have noticed a couple of strange behavior and are unable to develop.

Behavior #1: Not able to delete a rule instance. When user clicks on Delete button on a rule, it pops up a blank screen with no memo field. Submission button exists but pressing Submit won't delete a rule.

Behavior #2: Not able to show any icons in Layout, Basic, Advanced in a Section rule instance. It shows "No items".

Developers said when user first logs in Pega usually prompts a little pop up to install an ActiveX but they did not see it in this screen. I know ActiveX was required in early 7x but is it still required for 7.4?


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