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Leveraging CDH hosted in different Pega Version

In my project i have a existing CDH and Pega Inbound channel setup in Pega 7.3.1 . There is a need for building the Outbound campaigns in a separate Pega 8.4 .

Now i need help on design possibilities and pros and cons for the approaches. I can think of three ways to implement this :

1.Using custom REST/SOAP service for fetching offers and responding back with the customer response. Headless decisioning using real time data via invoking service of Pega CDH from the strategy step of Pega Marketing 8.4 . 

2.Real-Time Container based Marketing Campaign where "/prweb/PRRestService/PegaMKTContainer/V1/Container" REST service will be invoked  to get the offers and then will call "/prweb/PRRestService/PegaMKTContainer/V2/CaptureResponse" REST service to capture customer response, while the Cmpaign rule will be in running mode

3.Creating and maintaining a separate CDH implementation in 8.4 . Need to implement duplicate code and two different 'brains' which probably not a good option.


Please suggest which option is better any why, and if any other better approach is available.

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