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Limit Agile WorkBench to just feedback

Hello All

We are looking to enable our users to provide feedback on our application. I have previously tried to enable SMART feedback on out application but this seems to be limited to pega 7.2 where as we are currently running instances of 7.3 and 7.4.

We would like to enable the feedback CASE type and functionality within Agile WorkBench without giving the user any other abilities - Creating BUGS or STORIES.

In 7.4 have noticed that new WHEN rules have been added, pzIsFeedbackEditable,pzIsBugEditable and pzIsStoryEditable to the navigation pzCreateNewItemNav which leads me to think that there must be some way of achieving this. Unfortunatly these WHEN rules are all 'OR' statements. In order to give a user access to AgileWorkbench and enable to window on the right to popout we have to grant them pxAgileWorkbench privildge. This then satisfies all the WHEN rules and so shows all options - bugs, stories and feedback.

Ideally I am looking for a way for the user to be able to click a button or link, run the script "pega.ui.gapidentifier.toggle" and have the Agile Workbench appear on the right without having to give the user the pxAgileWorkbench priviledge. Or if this is needed, somehow have it limited to just feedback.

Has anyone got any ideas how I might achieve this?

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