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Posted: June 4, 2021
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Posted: 4 Jun 2021 8:58 EDT
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Limiting for # active predictors per model

Hey!  Is it possible to configure Adaptive in such a way that it would limit # of active predictors it's using e.g. to top 15 predictors by AUC? From one hand AI behind Adaptive would be happy to consume lot of data points and build propensity scores based on it but from the perspective of GDPR data minimization I need to ask if it is possible to only consume the top performing-predictors per model.

The current active predictor threshold functionality is not helping as in case I'd set it to e.g. 0.65 then it could be that lot of models still continue to have huge amount of active predictors, while some low-performing models might lose even the slight intelligence it has. 

Also decreasing the overall amount of predictors in Adaptive would not be good idea, as different models have different performances for different predictors. So, e.g. if would limit the total list to 100 predictors then it still might happen that some models continue to have significant amount of active predictors while other models might not have any relevant predictors in model any longer.

Just need to understand if such business request would technically be even possible to do or we need to pick one of the not-that-good solutions mentioned above.

Thanks, Kadri

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