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Link to image file broken after application RAP package export/import operation

Has anyone experienced issue like below.

The company logo image does not appear in the manager portal after promoted application to the UAT environment.

However, the Rule-File-Binary record can be found on the UAT environment and the logo image appears on the Rule-File-Binary rule form in designer studio.

The logo image is included in a section using Icon control.

We have found that the actual URL of the logo image in the manager Portal differ from that of the Rule-File-Binary rule form in designer studio.

In manager portal

<img data-ctl="Icon" src="webwb/onemizuhologo_14113024741.gif!!.gif" tabindex="0" role="link" alt="" data-click="[[&quot;runScript&quot;, [&quot;pega.desktop.activateDocument(\&quot;Dashboard\&quot;,\&quot;Data-Portal\&quot;,\&quot;pyDashboard7\&quot;,\&quot;pyUpdatePortalContext\&quot;,\&quot;true\&quot;)&quot;]],[&quot;runScript&quot;, [&quot;removeScreenLayouMask()&quot;]]]">

in designer studio

<img onload="getImageDimensions()" src="/prweb/PRServlet/m-acnNOhet3vliKBMKGagKHNJZnJaowb*/webwb/images/mhbk_01_01_01_onemizuhologo.gif?date=1452149763709&amp;pzExpirationPeriod=0&amp;pzInstanceKey=RULE-FILE-BINARY%20WEBWB%20ONEMIZUHOLOGO!GIF%20%2320150326T080821.836%20GMT" id="ImageIMG">

We are suspecting that the image referred from manger portal is coming from cache and that cached image is not generated on UAT environment as the RAP package was being imported.

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