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Linked Property -can it be used with a page as reference


There is Case and a subcase. Case is opened in one session of browser(with Operator X) ,subcase is opened in other session of the browser(with Operator Y).

Both sessions are not closed. Now in subcase there is a button- clicking on which subcase and its parent case are resolved.


From one session(Operator Y) button is clicked- accordingly the parent case and subcase gets resolved. Now from other session(Operator X) there is a button which should check the pystatus for the current open case from DB (as changes are not reflected in this session)

To handle this I am using Linked property(property name lnk) - Linked property is created in Data-admin-operator-ID class and it refers the work class with pyID as key.

For button in parent case-I defined OpertorID as Data-admin-operator-ID and I am using condition if OpratorID.lnk.pyStatusWork = resolved

will this work OpratorID.lnk.pyStatusWork where lnk is a linked property and generally it is used as .lnk.pyStatusWork

If we give page context to linked property will it work...after testing above implementation I am not able to see lnk in linkedproperty of Clipboard but instead in OperatoID page with lnk as property in it.

If we give page context to linked property will it work?

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