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Guilherme Valino (GuilhermeV7620)
Lead System Architect
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Posted: December 10, 2020
Last activity: December 11, 2020

ListView GetNextWork difference between Enviroment

I made an evolution of the ListView OOTB GetNext rule, where in my first version I specialized for a ruleset of my application and defined it as a base. From there I applied a circumstance rule, where I did it based on the user's workgroup. Worked well.

We received a new demand, where we would have, based on the circumstance created previously, two new rules, where for the same property used for the circumstance, we would use different values. What we applied was, take the base rule from the previous version, create it in a new version of the ruleset and set it as a base and from there specialize for the circumstance. In the Development environment it works perfectly, but when we migrated to the test environment, after applying the package, we found that it is not managing to solve the detailed rules, the following message is presented for the ListView defined criteria

pyContentSource.pyParameters (). pyConditionFieldName is not a valid entry for ruleset and its prerequesites, and this problem does not happen in the development environment.

When we run the application validation, no error is shown, only when we try to revalidate and save the rule.

We have already restarted the server, however, nothing effective.

Any suggestions or solution path?

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