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Posted: January 28, 2020
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Load-DataPage method is not loading the data page asynchronously

I am using Load-DataPage method in an activity but that is getting executed synchronously. I want this to be executed asynchronously so that main thread can continue. IT should behave like fire and forget.

Attached are two screenshots-

1.The way it is being used.

2. Tracer is showing that it is executed synchronously not asynchronously.

3158PS1__TABTHREAD185Loaded SynchronouslyD_OneXXXXGOODADP Load
3157PS1__TABTHREAD185102Load-DataPageTempXXEvent4GOODStep End
3156PS1__TABTHREAD185DP Queued for LoadD_OneXXXXGOODADP Load
3155PS1__TABTHREAD185102Param.OneStreamEvent != "NoEvent"TempXXEventTRUEWhen End
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